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Car Rear Headlight Tips

Do you know that the main headlight and the rear tail light are necessary parts for your traffic safety? They are responsible for ensuring the lighting of the routes, signaling with their arrow lights, reverse, and brake. Over time and exposure to rain and sun, it is...

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Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your car or truck is one of the most valuable things you can you for it. Knowing how your car works in and out gives you a better understanding of where to take and what to ask for when it comes to getting your vehicle...

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A Guide to Replacing Headlight Bulb

 Replacing headlight bulb can be easy, but there are some things you should know. It is important to be ready to fix your car's lights if they have a problem ever. It can cost you if you get pulled over by police not to mention a burned out light is a safety...

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Ever been locked out of your car?

Ever been locked out of your car? Frustrating isn’t it? Remember to always have a spare key somewhere on your person. This is especially good if you're going to be parking your car in a dangerous or risky area, or if there's inclement weather. However, if you keep the...

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We Know Your Fuel Pump

When your car doesn’t start there could be many reasons why, it could be the fuel pump, or the alternator, starter, sensors, or the battery, to name a few. No matter what the reason, they all can fail without any warning signs. Dewey’s Repair Service is the best in...

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How to Change a Car Battery

Follow the steps below and don’t forget to double check your work.    If You need to Connect a Memory Saver In order to change a car battery without losing your settings, you will need to hook up a memory saver to your vehicle. Skipping this step will...

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Tips for selecting a Towing Company

If you’re like most of us, choosing a reliable and trusted towing company is not something most of us do every day. But, from time to time most of us will experience an emergency that will require our vehicle to be towed. What now? We pull out our phone, search the...

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