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Our company strives to protect all customer’s vehicles with over fifty years of car and truck care repair and towing; we treat every automobile with the respect it deserves.  Everyone relies on their vehicles even when we are not in them.  We take pride by ensuring our tow trucks have been upgraded including a recent addition to our tow truck family – a Heavy Duty 75 Ton Rotator.  We now have more than the capability with such an ultimate piece of equipment.

We are a 24 hour roadside assistance auto and towing company.  TRAA Certified, Towing and Recovery Association of America ~ The Voice of America’s Towing Industry, striving in professionalism, quality service, healthy competition, and fair compensation. Dewey worked with Wisconsin legislation to help pass Move Over or Slow Down law for the safety of emergency response personnel while they are out helping the community.  Delivering all those standards and maintaining performance throughout the years of serving Janesville and Beloit, Wisconsin as well as Rockford, Illinois region.

Exotic Vehicle Towing

We take care of all cars; if they were considered exotic, just rolled out of the showroom floor with a Bentley, or a Tesla.  Taking it for a spin to see how the charging stations work on your own now that the juice may have gone down, couldn’t wait to try it for the first time.  Something silly happens, you forget the actual instructions, and nothing makes sense on YouTube or the owner’s app on how to proceed.  You decide to call for service and have it towed.

Our mechanics are personally geared towards these such needs along with our flatbed truck services.  No need to worry with the care and necessary precautions our fully insured technicians consider with every vehicle.


We Are Here For You


With our holidays already beginning, fresh snow on the ground, know that we are here to offer the following as always 24 Hours a Day:


  • Fast Service 
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Gas Delivery to your Vehicle
  • Tire Changes
  • Light Duty Trucks
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Let Us Tow Your Vehicle Anywhere
Traveling can always be very exciting especially during the holidays, knowing we are on our way to celebrate with our friends and family we don’t always have the chance to spend time with, especially when they may live far away.  Knowing there is peace of mind if the unforeseen happens during travel when some people tend to not see a slick road if icy conditions happen this time of year, or the meteorologist was just way off their game!  We are here during those unpredictable times. Serving the Beloit/Janesville, Wisconsin to Rockford, Illinois areas, our team of mechanics and drivers for all your towing and auto repair needs to help you safely and securely get back on the road to a better destination.  Our family owned and operated business wishes you a wonderful holiday season.