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One of the automotive accessories that generates the most discussion is the trailer hitch. Usually used by those who will pull trailers or tow items, it is also used by many drivers to protect the rear of the vehicle.

And that is where you come across this question: Does the trailer hitch protect the bumper from the car? Are you in doubt? Then come with us, and we’ll clarify if this protection is myth or truth!

After all, it does seem as if the hitch protects the bumper from the car.

Did you know that a lot of people install a towing hitch just to protect the car or aesthetics? But does this accessory really help in the protection of the bumper?

The hitch is installed in the structure of the car, in the original attachment points of the vehicle. So if the driver gets hit by a vehicle, the force of the shock that would be absorbed by the bumper goes straight into the hitch.

And the consequences of this collision can be cracks and twists in the monoblock that will cause severe damage to the car and that will also affect your pocket.

Another consequence of using the hitch only for aesthetics, or even to just protect the vehicle, is the number of bruises it will do when the less than alert pedestrians pass by the parked vehicle.

Therefore, it is essential to use the trailer hitch only for its real purpose: that of pulling trailers and towing things.