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Regular maintenance on your car or truck is one of the most valuable things you can you for it. Knowing how your car works in and out gives you a better understanding of where to take and what to ask for when it comes to getting your vehicle the kind of care it needs.

We like to start with the simple things like when is my oil change?, when do I need my transmission looked at? And when am I due for a tuneup?. If you have a mechanic that you trust it is much easier to ask questions and get information from him. This will help prevent larger issues from arising in the long run, they only cost more. Knowing what is exactly wrong with your vehicle all of the time is just smart.

Paying attention to your wheels is absolutely necessary. Watch the tread and know how long you have had them. If you are on the road a lot for commuting, you will need to pay close attention to those. Make sure your tires are properly rotated, properly inflated because deflated tires burn up 6% more fuel inflated tires, and finally keep them hydrated especially in warm climates.

If you do commute, don’t get caught without the items in your car or truck

A Car Jack
A Spare tire
Jumper cables
An Emergency Kit or injuries

Finally, drive smart. Don’t push you engine any more than it wants to be pushed. Practice fuel efficiency. Experts say you can save as much as 33 percent on the freeway and approximately 5% on city streets. This will definitely improve the life of your vehicle allowing you do more with your money.

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