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A Guide to Replacing Headlight Bulb


 Replacing headlight bulb can be easy, but there are some things you should know. It is important to be ready to fix your car’s lights if they have a problem ever. It can cost you if you get pulled over by police not to mention a burned out light is a safety issue. You can fix a burned out headlight yourself, but you need to know a few things first.

The Plane Truth Behind Headlight Bulb Replacement

Things you may have heard: “You don’t need tools, it’s easy”, “Headlights are easy and cheap to replace” or “Changing headlight bulbs are easy!”

The truth: In past years, replacing headlight bulbs would mean having to swap the entire headlamp. Today’s cars this is no longer the case – for many years now car manufacturers have been using halogen bulbs that are separately replaceable.

Changing headlamp bulbs is often uncomplicated. Most of the cars you simply twist and push and it is out, however for some cars you still have to remove the headlamp assembly. Mostly there are quick release tabs or maybe buttons and you need to know where they are located and how to you can them to work so you don’t break anything in the processes.

How to Change your Headlight Bulb

  1. Open up your engine compartment hood and find out where the bulb holder is at the back of the headlight. You will see a power connector this will have three wires attached to it, this will be held by a plastic catch, metal clips, or screw cap. If you find there is a dust cover protecting the power connector, you will need to remove it first.
  2. You will need to Disconnect the power connector, If it is a Metal Clip: lift it up then pull it out, If it is a Plastic catch: Press down on the lever with your thumb and pull, if it is a Screw cap: Just unscrew it.
  3. Removing the old headlight bulb from its socket
  4. Take the new bulb from its packaging. Make sure you do not touch the glass surface of the bulb with your bare hands during headlight bulb replacement – If the oil on your hands gets touch the glass surface, it may cause the bulb to heat up and burn out. We recommended that you clean the new bulb with alcohol before installing them.
  5. Hold on to the new bulb by its base and then insert it into the back of the headlight. Continue on to reconnect the power connector. Lastly turn on your headlights making sure everything is works properly.

Finally, if you cannot figure out how to get to the headlight area, you will need vehicle-specific instructions for headlight bulb replacement. If you just start taking things apart, you could end up with all the parts everywhere and you may not remember where they all go.