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How to Retrieve Keys Locked Inside a Car

Ever been locked out of your car? Frustrating isn’t it? Remember to always have a spare key somewhere on your person. This is especially good if you’re going to be parking your car in a dangerous or risky area, or if there’s inclement weather. However, if you keep the right tools on hand, or you are within walking distance of a supermarket or dollar store, you can obtain the tools needed to open your car up without resorting to a towing service call, a locksmith or even breaking out the car’s window.

Use a Coat Hanger

This method only works if you have an older vehicle and the car has either vertical or horizontal locks, or locks that are close to the door handles.
Obtain a metal coat hanger
Shape the hanger so that it is straight with a hook at the end. Double up the hanger to make it stronger
Slide the hanger between the window and weather stripping on the door or window. Try not to scratch your vehicle while doing this.

Maneuver the coat hanger until you can hook the door mechanism. Move the hanger towards the rear edge of the door typically about 6 in (20 cm) from the edge. Be patient, and you should be able to pull the lock up and gain access to your vehicle.

In the event you don’t have an older vehicle or spare key, call the experts at Dewey’s. We’ll get someone out right a way to get you into your vehicle.

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