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We Know Your Fuel Pump

When your car doesn’t start there could be many reasons why, it could be the fuel pump, or the alternator, starter, sensors, or the battery, to name a few. No matter what the reason, they all can fail without any warning signs. Dewey’s Repair Service is the best in the business, with over 60 years of experience you can count on us, we can diagnosis the problem and repair it fast and reasonably priced.

Listen to the fuel pump, if you drive an older vehicle it won’t have fuel injection, if it is fuel injected, the pump will be electric, and makes a humming sound when your car is running. You can hear the fuel pump for a couple of seconds, it will buzz when you first turn on the vehicle, which means the fuel pump is working. But it still may not be getting enough power, it also may not be getting the right volume or pressure. Our ASE certified mechanics are easy to work with, and we specialize in old and new vehicles.

Without the right pressure, your car may not start, or if your vehicle does start, and get it to drive down the road, the car will not be able to accelerate and go any faster because of the lack of pressure in the fuel injection system. Most of the fuel systems use between 32 to 66 psi.

If the fuel pump is not putting out enough volume, you will notice the vehicle stutters. Your car might not start, or if you are driving the car and it wants to stall or stutter, the pump isn’t putting out the right amount of volume or pressure. In that case, it’s always best to bring your vehicle to us immediately because there is no way to determine when the pump will give out. You can be sure Dewey’s will run a complete set of diagnostics on the fuel system. Because many other problems act like a malfunctioning fuel pump, our policy is to find out what the problem is before replacing it. Dewey’s Towing and Repair Service will take care of you, no need to call someone else. Dewey’s is the best of the best. Don’t let your vehicle break down on you, call us at 608-362-5377 schedule an appointment today.