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The Repossession and Impound Business of a Tow Truck Company


Many people don’t think about the tow truck business that often.

We may think about them when we buy car insurance and deciding if we want AAA or roadside assistance, but hopefully, we’re not thinking about towing too often, especially when it comes to impounding or repossessing a vehicle.

Here you are going to find out a little more about the tow truck business, and open your eyes to our world of repossession and impound towing.

The Repossession Business

How the repossession business works. First, getting the address of the car. It doesn’t matter how the towing company finds the address, they can use anything sneaky just to get the person’s address. Some people don’t realize this and they just give them their address and the car is right there parked in front.

Some people know their vehicle might be repossessed so they try and hide it, they will park the vehicle a few blocks away in hopes that the tow truck driver will not be able to locate it,  that usually doesn’t work, eventually their vehicle will be towed. And the best time to repossess a vehicle is when the person least expects it!

The Impound business

Impounding vehicles for private companies, sometimes the tow truck drivers drive around apartment complexes and businesses that hire them to tow away illegally parked vehicles. Silly as it is, there are people who will ignore the signs of No Parking or Vehicles Will Be Towed, and ultimately they pay the price for it. It doesn’t matter if their vehicle is parked there all night, or 30 seconds, it was parked there when the tow truck driver happened to be there.

Getting all the vehicles from one specific spot is known as in the towing business as burning up a property. Typically these drivers won’t take all the vehicles from one place because they don’t want people to catch on that there is a strict policy, they want to keep luring them in. But if it has been a dry month and not much money coming in the drivers will take every car they can get.

Selling Vehicles

Most people will pay for their vehicles at the impound, but sometimes vehicles will not be claimed at all. There are people out there, under certain circumstances, who don’t come at all to claim a nice car. In those cases when the tow truck companies impound a vehicle, they will write down the vehicle’s VIN and the license plate number, then they will call the DMV to put a lien on that owner of the vehicle for the cost of storing their vehicle. And other companies will sell the vehicle and get what money they can for it.

By law, the towing companies are supposed to wait 45 days before they apply for the title at the DMV. But this can vary by state.

It Can Be A Dangerous Job

No one likes having their car towed, especially when you’re actually there to see it happen. Some people can and will get physical with the towing drivers. It can be a dangerous job, people get so emotional about their cars being towed they will do almost anything to stop their vehicle from getting towed, including shooting at the drivers, yielding a knife, even swinging a baseball bat at them.

Even with all the angry people and the potential for danger, there is good money that comes with this kind of work, they know the risks they take. Tow truck drivers are paid by the number of vehicles they can bring in.  For some people, the risks are part of the job and it doesn’t hinder them from towing at all.