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Tips for selecting a Towing Company

If you’re like most of us, choosing a reliable and trusted towing company is not something most of us do every day. But, from time to time most of us will experience an emergency that will require our vehicle to be towed. What now? We pull out our phone, search the internet and choose the first company we see. That’s probably why you’re reading this now, right? Truth be told all of us should have a pre-selected towing company that we feel comfortable with in case of an emergency.

Here is a list of what things to take into consideration when choosing a towing or emergency roadside assistance company.

Be Proactive

Most complaints arise from one of the following issues.

• Cost was too high or more than represented.
• Tow operator treated my vehicle roughly.
• Tow truck driver was unprofessional.
• Tow truck took way too long to arrive.
• Tow truck was outdated or in bad shape.

If you have experienced any of these issues, don’t feel bad because you are not alone. That’s why we suggest that you select a towing company today so when the need arises you’ll have the confidence that your towing needs will be adequately met so you can limit the stress.

What Do They Stand For?

First determine the quality of service. Are the tow service prices competitive? Is their equipment the best quality, well maintained and of the latest technology? Do they stress customer care and top professional service? Make sure the towing company you choose align with your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a strong indicator as to whether you have found the towing company that meets all of your needs. Have you noticed that most of the complaints regarding towing companies are directly related to customer satisfaction? It can sometimes seem a gigantic task to find which towing company is truly best for you. Don’t despair. There are a few things you can look for in your search.


• Is the company representative kind on the phone?
• Is the company timely?
• Do you have confident in their ability?
• Are the service personnel well groomed and dressed appropriate?
• Is the truck clean and well maintained?
• How will they treat your car?

There are many qualified mechanics from Rockford, IL to Evansville, WI that can certainly fix your vehicle. We trust & know many of them. We hope you choose us because Dewey’s has been servicing Janesville, Beloit and South Beloit as a family owned and operated business for over three generations. We not only care about our community, we care about our customers. Our technicians are ASE Certified Mechanics and we offer every customer a quality of work guarantee, a sincere handshake, and our personal promise to be honest and reliable for this and the next generation to come.